Tiny Spells is the self-care spellbook for your soul

Staying on top of your mental, emotional and physical health isn’t the easiest task. Fitness trackers and smart watches give you more data, but it’s hard to know what to do with it. That’s where self-care matters. ✨🔥✨

✨ 1 email every morning

Each morning, you’ll receive the Tiny Spells email, with a few little pieces of content to kick off the day on the right note.

✨ A self-care plan in 5 minutes

Each email shapes your self care for your day. It’s a 5 minute checklist that’s there when you need it.

✨ Small, manageable tasks

Tiny Spells are never a big ask. It’s not about running a marathon. It’s just about a little bit of time and effort.

✨ Free for life

Tiny Spells is not a paid subscription. We do offer an optional patreon, but we are indie for life.


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