🔮 Tiny Spells | Leave your safe harbour

“A ship in harbour is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.”
— John A. Shedd

It’s tempting to keep ourselves safe. Safe from hurt, from harm, from vulnerability.

We are constantly told to stop worrying and to not be anxious. Don’t worry, be happy. As if that has ever worked!

We always want to know what’s coming. We always want to have time to prepare for what’s out there. But, in reality, we can never know our fate with any certainty. And in trying to keep ourselves from harm, we will only keep ourselves from living.

Life won’t wait for us, while we hide from the storms. It’s up to us, to leave our safe harbours, to go out and face the unknown, come what may.

All my love,




Try to recognise and let go of the guilt you feel when you prioritise your own needs. Self-care is not selfish. You don't have to be at your best all the time. You don't have to give up everything in order to make your dreams come true. You don't have to sacrifice your mental health for anyone. You are allowed to put yourself first. You are allowed to take time to recharge. You are allowed to take time for yourself. You are allowed to eat noodles in bed.


Brush your teeth at the start and the end of your day. I’m not going to ask who needs to read this one. I’m not shaming you. I’m not judging you. The small things are often the habits and rituals that fall away when life gets hard. But those small things make a difference. Try and return to them.


Write about your day, before you turn the page. Write one simple sentence, about what worked, and what didn’t, and what made you smile. Nobody ever has to read it. It’s for your eyes only. But it will make you think about the hours you’ve given away, and the hours you are yet to gain.

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