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“Just because you are seeing divine light, experiencing waves of bliss, or conversing with Gods and Goddesses is no reason to not know your zip code.” - Ram Dass

I think we all get caught up in the idea that there’s a right and a wrong way to do almost anything. The right way – it’s tried and true, it works and it’s always worked. If you follow that method, shit is going to turn up roses. The wrong way – it goes against conventional wisdom, it’s disorganised and a little chaotic. If you do anything the wrong way, it will be a complete disaster and you’ll be ridiculed.

There are cases where this is true. There’s a right way and a wrong way to land a 747. And you better pray you never end up with an experiment pilot who wants to buck the trend.

But in most cases, life isn’t a set of binaries. It’s not a selection of right option vs. wrong option. There is no one method that can guarantee success. You could follow the best advice of the best artists, entrepreneurs and writers – and still wind up failing hard.

The secret to following good advice is not to treat it as a religion. You have to be flexible, adaptive, innovative. You have to seek out the information and the knowledge that you can apply to your life to improve it.

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Take a shower! You know, it's tough to do this. It's tough to do the parts of self care that are actually a whole lot of work. And if you're like me, washing your hair becomes a little more of a damn chore every single week. But you deserve to feel good, smell good, and know that you did your best. 💖


If you don't have the energy to write in a diary (sometimes I really don't, trust me) just take a moment to record your thoughts in a voice memo on your phone. Getting them out of your head and heart will ease them.


Clean out your fridge before you go to bed tonight. I know it's a dull, dreary task, but having mess and out of date products piling up is not good for your mental health and anxiety. Give yourself a break by breaking that pattern. ✨

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