211 / Keep reaching.

“Be here now.”

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The unattainable is always out there, isn’t it? There are always ideas we have, that a voice inside us will say there’s no chance of achieving. We know there are limits, and we know that not every dream comes true, no matter what they tell you in Disney movies and motivational speeches.

But I think there’s something to be said for reaching, all the same. Reaching for more. Reaching for something. Reaching for even the things that nobody else believes are within our grasp. It’s a part of what makes us human, to be able to believe with blind faith and zero evidence, that anything is possible, if we try.

It’s not necessarily about getting what we wanted. It’s not even about getting anything at all. It’s just about the sheer act of innocent trust in the vagaries of the universe that is required to try in the face of any and all opposition, and the courage that goes with it. I admire that in anyone, more than I admire a sense of cynical - or even realistic - resignation.

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Just look for something beautiful. Pay attention to the world around you, in all its quirks and its weirdness, and try to find some pieces of it that are beautiful. That take your breath away. That are worth stopping to watch, experience or be present in, even if it's just for a few moments. Make a note of what you see. Sometimes it ain't all bad.


Tell somebody they're crushing it. Tell them they're doing a great job and you appreciate it. There's something quite wonderful about the kindness of a sincere compliment. You'll find that when you share your appreciation, you'll feel the warmth of it yourself... 


Get that shopping done! If you’re running out of tissues, bath soap and peanut butter you’re going to feel a rising sense of stress! You don’t have to do a huge shop if that’s too much to handle. But just get the essentials and tick them off your list and things will feel a little more under your control... ✨

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What is the most comfortable bed you’ve ever slept in? And how could you replicate that? Write it out in your journal today.

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Nick Cave is showing us a new, gentler way to use the internet.

What’s happened is a peculiarly global one-to-one correspondence between the artist and his disciples, a shelter from the online storm free of discord and conspiracies, and in harmony with the internet vision of Tim Berners-Lee. The tone was set from the very first email, in which Cave was asked how his songwriting had evolved since Skeleton Tree. “Something has definitely shifted,” he replies, “and I have written a lot of new stuff … But, you are right, for a year it had been difficult to work out how to write, because the centre had collapsed and Susie [Bick, his wife] and I had been flung to the outer reaches of our lives.” His son, Arthur, died in 2015.

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