#212 / Your heart will let you know.

“In the darkest night of your soul, there is still the promise of tomorrow morning. And tomorrow morning, there’ll be coffee…”

I wonder if we spend too long, and spend too much, trying to get other folks to tell us what we need, what we want and where we’re going. This is something we’ve learned from an endless pattern of consumerism - our first answer is always to buy the second answer, and hope it solves a problem we can’t even articulate. We pick out whatever Instagram ads want to sell us, because we don’t know what it is that’s missing.

I wonder if we’d still act in that way, if we actually listened to what our hearts want and don’t want, need and don’t need, instead of trying to smother them, silence them or fill their cracks with more stuff, more noise, more static. I wonder if the reason we don’t know what we’re looking for is because we keep looking, and we never listen.

I believe that your heart will let you know. If you pay attention to it, and give it time, your heart will tell you where you need to be, and who you need to be, and what you need to get there.

All my love,



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Log out of Instagram for the day
. Just one day. I know. You hate this one. Studies have actually shown that Instagram can get under your skin and be harmful for you emotionally. Today, you don't need that. You're getting through stuff, not getting dragged by it. Log out. ✨


Burn your to-do list. Don't be afraid to un-commit. If you're struggling today, say no to things that you've already said yes to. Take back your space, time and bandwidth. It doesn't mean you're a bad person. It means you're looking after you and your best interests. 


Eat some dumplings! This is one of my all time favourite comfort foods. Dumplings have a way of filling you up, warming you and making you feel like you're literally eating love. The other night, I made and ate a STACK of dumplings. I went to bed full, happy and incredibly sleepy. It was the best. ✨

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