#213 / Perhaps things don't pass.

“No matter how you’re feeling, give that feeling a name. Names have power, and it’s up to you to take that power back.”

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You know what they say - “this too, shall pass.”

I’ve never felt comfortable with that. If everything we go through passes, why does it still keep on hurting, in all the years that we continue to feel its ripples? Why does it stay with us, as a shadow or half formed thought, visiting again and again?

I wonder if anything really passes, or if every experience and every event is another thread in the tapestry, and we learn to live with it. Maybe we don’t have to feel any pressure at all to let things pass, and maybe it doesn’t speak to any personal failures if we can’t.

And I wonder if there’s some comfort in knowing that. In knowing that we aren’t more broken, just because we remember, just because we hold on, and just because the moment didn’t leave a clean slate in its passing.

All my love,



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Sweep the floors.
Get the dust out of your way, and put some time into caring for your home. Your home works 24/7 to keep the wind out and keep the rain off your head and keep you as warm as it can. Give back to it for a moment.


Cook a proper meal today, and take your time doing it. If it’s eggs and bacon, that’s fantastic. If it’s a bowl of pasta, you do you my darling. I don’t particularly mind how it turns out. I just want you to give yourself a moment’s peace and love by doing it.


Think about the mountain you’ve been climbing. I don’t know how far up you’ve come, and I don’t know how terrifying it might be to look back at the climb behind you. But I think you should be grateful to and proud of yourself for making it this far. Because I’m grateful to you. And I’m proud of you. ✨

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