#215 / Protect yourself. But don't hide yourself.

“Don’t claim pride in me, if you don’t invest time in me.”

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Harm comes to all of us, sooner or later, and we do need to guard against it. Whether it’s harm caused to your body, mind or soul, harm caused by someone you love or a total stranger or even yourself - you are your own guard against it. Protecting yourself isn’t being overly cautious, or precious or dramatic. It’s setting watch over your most important responsibility.

I take my own protection quite seriously.
I’ve no wish to be hurt again.

But there’s a line we walk, between protecting ourselves and hiding. Hiding from the potential of hurt, and by doing so hiding from the possibilities of joy. No matter how much we want to keep ourselves from harm, we need to remember that a life lived fully is occasionally a life lived with the risks and dangers of vulnerability, as a wager against the rewards of human experience.

And I’ll take the odds on that.

All my love,



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Maybe it’s time for a reset. To turn it off and on again. To unplug and wait a few minutes. It could be a reset in your friendship, your love life, your work, your personal growth and the effort you’re putting into changing yourself. A reset allows you to let go of whatever has built up, and try again.


Give yourself a manicure. Trim those nails and let yourself feel better for it. We probably look at our hands more than any other part of us. They ought to be kept in good condition, don’t you think?


Check in with that reading list again. Is what you’re reading creating a sense of joy, warmth or excitement? Or are you slogging through it because you think you have to get it finished? It’s okay to give up on a book you’re not enjoying. Life is short. Read good s**t.✨

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I have one simple journal prompt for you today.
Are you safe?

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Advice for f**kups (like me).

I wanted to write down some advice that I’ve gained from the road behind me. I don’t want this to sound like a f**king sermon, because honestly I don’t know it all, I don’t have divine inspiration, and I can’t preach for s**t. But from one f**kup to another, I want to give you at least a couple lines of useful information and guidance.

Remember this. Everyone is a failure sooner or later, to a different degree. Me, you, everybody. There are no exceptions. If you think that being a failure means you don’t have worth and value, you couldn’t be more wrong. Being a failure is being alive. It’s taking risks and fighting for something.

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