#221 / The world won't end.

“It’s not enough to think you’re a good person, or believe you’re a good person, if you don’t take the actions of a good person. That’s what matters. Nothing else.”

brown grass on field during daytime

I think something I’ve come to know more and more is that the cosmic size of the universe will always make our worries, concerns and doubts and feels of failure seem absolutely minuscule by comparison, if we pay attention. There are so many things we do, so many things that seem earth shatteringly important, and we assign our weight and value to them, and when they fly off the rails it feels as though the world is truly going to end.

But the moments pass, and we come back and recover, and things stay awfully much the same. There is no nuclear scenario, if we miss a small deadline, if we can’t meet one or two commitments.

The last few weeks, I have been in constant motion. I travelled briefly, up the coast in New South Wales, and had absolutely no reception. In positive news for my blood pressure, I couldn’t even load Twitter. When I came back, I immediately threw myself into moving house, and my bronchitis that has dogged me for almost 2 months now came back in full force, with the weight of the work I was doing.

And so, Tiny Spells wasn’t written.

And the world didn’t end.

When I sat down to write this morning, it all came flowing back to me, with joy and with space to breathe a little life back into it.

I wonder if there is room for me, and for all of us, to re-examine just how dramatic we are, and question whether there’s something to be said for letting go. The world doesn’t end, just because we don’t get everything right, all the time. The world is okay.

All my love,



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Sweep the dust from the floor. Sweep the dust from the shelves. Clean out the old, cobwebs and all, and give yourself a touch of sunlight. Start with one area in your house - your bedroom perhaps - and shake off the malaise.


One night this week, try to look up at the night sky. It’s something we don’t often get to do anymore. Light pollution from the cities can occasionally block the glory of it, and our own predilection for what’s in front of our noses can encourage us to forget the vastness of the universe above us. But one night, give it a shot. Just look at it. Just be with it.


Do you feel as though your moods and how you are affected by the world around you are sometimes shaped by the weather? I know there are folks in my life whose energy dissipates when it’s all grey skies and clouds. Try keeping a few notes this week while matching up the weather with your mood, and look for a pattern.

For Your Spellbook Journal


Write about what your next leap. I think we all have a preponderance for levelling out, and waiting until the time is right to jump at our next stage of living. If you know what that leap is, write about how you’ll make it.