#224 / Here’s to the quiet things

Saturday edition

“Look for the silences between the words. Sometimes they have a richness all their own.”

white and red ceramic mug filled with tea

I keep thinking about the quiet things lately.

I know in my 20s, it was so important to me that I lived a loud life. A big life. An important life. And I put so much emphasis on the externalities that would lead to status, adventure and attention. I suppose I’m learning more and more now, that it’s the quiet things that really make up a life. It’s the quiet things that can so easily go unnoticed. It’s a look, or a glance. It’s somebody’s fingertips brushing against yours. It’s that fresh smell in the air after it rains. It’s that tiny first puff of smoke after you blow out a candle by your bedside.

These are the things that aren’t dramatic, that you can’t necessarily spin as anything cosmic. But I think there’s something beautiful in them all the same. If we learn that life is the culmination of tiny wonderful moments, tiny wonderful breaths, and tiny wonderful brushes with the profound, I believe we have a chance at reaching for a more authentic kind of happiness.

All my love,



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Try getting a head start on your day, by sketching it out loosely the night before. Not so much a to-do list as writing out the shape of the day to come. When do you want to be up, what do you want to feel like by lunch. Sketch it out and use it gently as a map.


If you have been meaning to apologise, take this moment to do it. Take this time to tell someone that you’re sorry. It’s hard, isn’t it? To admit the hurt we’ve caused. Our actions. Our omissions. But we can’t put it off forever. Sooner or later, it’s time to face up. Take a breath. You can do this.


Try to get back to physical journaling. It’s easy to have our thoughts going round and round in our heads, and it can really get to us. Putting them out on a page and taking the time to make believer, will actually help bring a sense of peace, without exorcising those thoughts on the people around you.

For Your Spellbook Journal


What if it’s not going to work out? Write about your plan B. Write about what you’ll do, if they don’t change their mind, if your ship doesn’t come in, if the timing is wrong.