#225 / Step up.

Tuesday Edition

“Nobody said your heart wouldn’t get broken. Nobody said that was fair. So you’re as hurt as the rest of us? Well, okay. At least we all got that in common. At least ain’t none of us alone.”

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We are all called to step up, from time to time. We are all tested. We are all faced with a moment, a singular moment, in which we have a choice to make. A choice, whether we will stand our ground, lend a helping hand and be there for another human being in an hour of acute and terrible need. And while that choice is about the actions that we take in a specific moment, it’s also a choice about who we are, and who we’re going to be next.

I think stepping up is about hardening yourself against the fears and anxieties that keep shouting in your ears, like the roaring of the Jordan, and doing the right thing.

I remember how selfish I used to be. How much I focused on myself and my wants and my tantrums, all the time. How often I put my own destructive urges ahead of anyone else’s interests, and how often I failed to be there when it mattered. I know I’ve come so far from that person now that I can barely see her as a speck in the distance. But I also know that I can’t deny that at one point, I was her.

I know I have more than a few opportunities right now - right in this moment - to step up and be better and be more and be present in a way that shows who I have chosen to be. I hope I don’t squander those opportunities.

I hope you don’t either.

All my love,



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Go for a short hike if you can. Somewhere that you don’t need your phone in order to connect with your environment. Somewhere you can get some mud and dust on your boots. Somewhere where the air feels clear and clean and Twitter won’t butt its ugly beak into your consciousness.


Last night, I did some yoga with a friend of mine and their 3 year old. It turns out toddler yoga is remarkably relaxing at the end of a long day! Try YouTube for some beginner yoga tutorials - you don’t need to start with an expensive class and a new wardrobe - and see where it takes you.


Do a little baking this week. I’ve been slowly learning how, and it’s been good for me. I have a mind that is incredibly busy, anxious and struggles to do a set of tasks in order and follow a recipe, but there’s a joy in it that I can sense myself starting to crave. See if it shows up for you too. And if you happy to make blueberry muffins, save one for me?

For Your Spellbook Journal


I talked about stepping up. Well, I want you to write about it. In your journal today, write about what it means to you to step up right now, and what the opportunities are before you to do that.