#229 / Be bold.

Tuesday Edition

“Wake up every day. Please, wake up every day. There is sunlight and we will chase it, there are waves and we will ride them, there are winds that blow from the oldest mountains, and we will shout into them. Please wake up, every day."

green and brown island in the middle of blue sea

There is something wonderful about boldness. I’ve always thought that. There is something wonderful about people who can look into the face of terrible odds and say that they’ll set out anyway. The kind of folks to whom towering rain clouds, black as midnight and ready to burst into an earth shattering thunderstorm is more of a challenge to be met than something to fear.

We have so many opportunities to be bold. Don’t we? Opportunities to be courageous. Opportunities to take our lives into our hands, and our fate with it, and go out into the unknown. I want you to know that you are capable of doing that. You are more than capable of it - you were born for it. You have so much strength inside you. More than you know, more perhaps than anyone around you has seen. More than you need.

I think I have this faith in the indomitable resolve of the human spirit because I know what it’s like to look inside myself and see none of that courage, none of that boldness, and then shock myself half to death by producing it anyway in a moment of need and desperation, when it was make or break.

And so I look out at folks like you, and I know in my heart, and I know in my soul that you too can be bold. You too can be courageous. You too can stare down those rain clouds.

All my love,



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Set the table for dinner, if you can, and sit down to eat. Make dinner a moment to be shared, not just a task to get done. Make your food something that brings you together for a splinter of time in a lifecycle that has become increasingly crowded. There’s a warmth in doing that, a warmth that eclipses any other source.

Think about how much caffeine you’re consuming, and start to take some steps to reduce it. I was up to six cups of coffee a day last week, and wondering why I couldn’t sleep. Sigh. Switch it up and try drinking a peppermint tea instead. I think it will make a world of difference to your anxiety, like it did for mine.


I am a big believer in seeking help. If you think that you need to look for some kind of medical support to help you take care of your body, heart and mind - please know that I support you in that. Perhaps this week would be a good time to start that process. See a Doctor. Have a conversation. I’m with you!

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How do you show love? Think about your own love language and write about it. Describe how you make someone feel appreciated and cared for. And then write about whether you’re doing that right now for the people you think you’re doing it for.