#231 / Love is patient. Love is kind.

Tuesday Edition

“And if, in the silence, you hear a cry for help - go and answer it, lest your own are unheeded.”

autumn leaves on body of water

Love is patient. Love is kind.

I think we need and crave that patience and kindness. And we need to hold patience and kindness for ourselves. Because we’re flawed creatures, and we are more aware of our own flaws and failings, our shortcomings and dark secrets than any other human on this earth. We f**k up. We lash out. We huff and puff and sulk, and at the end of it we just feel as though we’ve failed all over again by showing a shred of vulnerability. We hold ourselves to standards that nobody could reach, and then punish ourselves for it.

Love is patient. Love is kind. I’m sure you’ve heard that verse. It winds up in the readings at every single wedding, it’s quoted by every couple you’ve ever followed on Instagram, and it’s impossible to escape.

Despite my laconic tone, it’s a sentiment I don’t object to at all. Love ought to be patient. Love ought to be kind. But I want to ask you this. Are you ever patient and kind with yourself? Do you express love for yourself in that way and in that language?

All my love,



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After a 15 year love affair with coffee and the jittery anxiety that accompanies a regimen of 7 cups a day, I recently decided to replace it with tea. So far, I can’t shake the feeling that it’s helping my sense of calm. You don’t have to go all the way if you don’t wish to - but trying to make the substitution one or two times a day could be a way to reach for a sense of peace.


It might be time to tell them how you feel.

It might be time to be honest.

It might be time to show your hand.

It might be time to let go of your fear.

It might be time to tell the truth.


What personal hygiene routines and rituals have fallen by the wayside recently? In hard times, in moments of crisis, it usually happens. Are you forgetting to brush your teeth? Wash your face? Take a shower a few days a week? Own to it, and try to get it done today. I know it seems hard. I promise it will help.

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Write a list of gratitudes in your journal today. A list of things that you know you’re lucky to have, that bring you joy and wonder and laughter, that keep you warm and safe.