#232 / Take a breath.

Saturday Edition

“The hardest part about trusting people after you’ve been hurt, is that you know the consequences and you know the risk you’re taking, and you know that you can’t live without it.”

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In our mad rush, we often forget that we don’t need to be always in motion. I think this is never more clear than when we start a new project, a new relationship, a new pathway. We have to dive in immediately, head first, and start beating against the waves. There’s such an urgent drive.

We have a much greater chance of survival, a much greater chance at actually being our best and meeting the challenges ahead if we take a moment and take a breath and pause. That little space, that margin can give us the clarity we need to make better decisions, the energy we need to stand by them, and the capacity to stick with it when it inevitably gets harder.

The notion that we must always be on to the next big thing is - I believe - tied to our sense of mortality. We do know that time is running out. We do know that we’re following a thread with an end, and so we panic that we’re not doing enough, fast enough. The idea of a pause is anathema to that.

And yet. Sometimes, in order to show true courage or commitment or to take advantage of the opportunities in front of us, we need to have the space to truly prepare. To be ready. To take that essential breath.

All my love,



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One way to show yourself the love you deserve is to prepare for your day as though you were meeting the most important person in the world. Dress nicely. Do your hair. Make yourself feel like you’re at your best. Because the most important person to do it for is you. 


Try to make sure you have a few glasses of water with breakfast, lunch and dinner today. Being hydrated feels like such a damn chore, doesn’t it? I even dread writing it down as a spell every time I do it. But I know that it makes a difference, and I know we all suck at remembering it. Just a few glasses with each meal will do it!


Start a skin care routine, as soon as you can - and make sure you take the time to follow it as many nights as possible. Caring for your skin with a good face scrub, a good face wash and the right moisturiser will change how you feel. I can guarantee it.

For Your Spellbook Journal


It’s worth using your journal today to write about your weekend plans. Make it a snapshot of your life, a thin slice of who you and what you do and what you love about all of it.