#233 / Say what you mean.

Tuesday Edition

“Feel. No matter how hard it gets, how hurt you are, how tempting it is to be locked away, safe from the possibility of experiencing an honest emotion - we must feel. It’s what makes us who we are.”

white ceramic mug with brown and white liquid inside on brown wooden surface

In our fear and insecurity, how often do we couch our intentions, our feelings, our emotions in veiled words and signals? It’s dreadfully difficult, sometimes, to say what we mean with openness and honesty and truth. I know my natural inclination is to obscure the raw vulnerability under layers of misdirection.

It means that I’m safely tucked away from the consequences of whatever my truth might be. But it also means that when I give into it, I miss out on the opportunity to share parts of myself that are dear, that are important and that have so much meaning for me.

I want to be better at saying what I mean, when I mean it. At sharing what I feel, when I feel it. And at reaching for the simplicity of language that could allow me to be understand in as few, honest words as possible.

All my love,



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Eat something nourishing, calming and wholesome. Something that makes you warm from your fingers to your belly. Something that comforts and sustains you. A hearty soup or a broth, that can help you to find your centre in your food.


Go for a walk in the fresh air, wherever you can. A mountain hike is a wonderful idea, where you can taste how clean and clear everything is, away from the cloying, closed in life that we’re becoming a little too desensitised to. If you can’t take that walk today, write it down in your calendar and commit to doing it soon!


Make some time for sleep. Make some time for a nap. Being exhausted isn’t the best way to handle 2020, so carve out whatever space you can to get a little extra shut-eye. There’s nothing wrong with sleeping. As it turns out, it’s quite an essential part of life…

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Write about something you’ve learned this year. About the world. About yourself. About anything at all. It doesn’t have to be paragraphs and paragraphs! Just a few small lines.