#234 / Authenticity is the key

Saturday Edition

“You’re not alone.”

water in clear glass jar

Everything I do plays out a different part of my personality. But every part is always based on something genuine, something that comes from me. My Dad used to tell me that he thought I had no personality of my own, that I was a collection of references and ideas stolen from my books and my music, that I was empty. But he was wrong.

The reality was, I had so many different personas that I could pick and choose between them for whatever situation I was facing. But in every one of them, I was connected with who I really was. And that’s authenticity. Authenticity is being yourself, no matter what form that self takes.

When you’re not trying to hide away the real version of yourself, people will respond. When you’re demonstrating authenticity, not some contrived personality, that’s when you find a way to reach out and connect with other human beings.

I’m a huge fan of letting it all out there. Allowing the world to see the real person inhabiting your skin, no matter how odd or misunderstood you might think you’ll be.

All my love,



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Don’t forget to water your plants. If they’re looking a little sad and a little run down, make sure you take the time to give them some love and care. Nurturing any living thing is good for the soul, I promise you.


We are living in a state of inertia right now. Being in lockdown, living under restrictions because of the pandemic - it’s just the way it is. But I think it’s worth spending a moment sweeping up and dusting this weekend, to reflect your will that your space will not be frozen with inertia too.


Turn off the TV. Turn off your laptop. Turn off your phone. And spend a few hours with the company of a good book. There is something to be said for forcing distractions and notifications out of your life every now and then; and a good book does not need Instagram on the side.

For Your Spellbook Journal


Pick one conversation you’ve had in the past week and write about it. Why did it matter? Who was it with? What do you want to remember about it?