#235 / There is something about silence

Tuesday Edition

“Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue.” - Henry Rollins

white cherry blossom in close up photography

I have a busy life. That’s putting it mildly. Even now, in the middle of lockdown, my world is spinning with a thousand different things. There is so much to think about, focus on and pay attention to. A wall of noise that surrounds me. But in that noise, I’ve started searching for small moments of total silence, whether alone or in the company of someone else, a silence that is soothing and gentle and all encompassing.

Our lives aren’t designed for that anymore. They’re designed for constant stimulation. They’re designed for an endless number of channels and inputs, and I worry that we’re learning to become so desensitised to the surrounding cacophony that we have begun to forget just how beautiful the silence can be.

We don’t have to live in it. We don’t have to thrive in it. We don’t have to even like it. But we should make time for silence, all the same. Because there is value in it, and there is something about it that will give you time to reflect and recover and reach for yourself again.

All my love,



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Put your hand up to help someone. You will never know who might be desperately in need, if you don’t take the time to offer your assistance. Giving a hand to the people around us, strangers, friends, family or lovers, is how we express our empathy and humanity, and in caring for others we can identify a few threads of self care too.


Pay attention to the seasons changing outside your window. I know it’s harder, now, to appreciate and love them in quite the same way. But that simply makes it all the more important. Mark the seasons, and try to look for the joy in them.


Switch off your brain tonight, and watch something you love. An old classic, an old favourite that brings back memories of a better, easier time. Snack on something. Let go.

For Your Spellbook Journal


Don’t forget to take the time in your journal to just jot down a few lines about your days as they pass. It’s important to have those little tugs of memory to take you back, one day soon when you need it the most.