#238 / Stop talking

Saturday Edition

“You aren’t a good person by default. You’re a good person if you make good choices. Don’t lean on your perception of yourself as a crutch. Do the hard things that you know are right.”

green trees near mountain under cloudy sky during daytime

In a world of noise, I think we’re encouraged to contribute to the volume and the cacophony by talking, endlessly, ourselves. We’ve been taught by social media and by the 15 minutes of fame TV shows that our opinions are eternally important, and that we should always be trying to have our say.

I wonder if I have anything at all worth saying that would give me more pleasure, more insight or more value than just listening. Listening to the conversations around me. Listening to the world outside my window. Listening to my own body, heart and soul and hearing what they have to tell me.

I think there’s something to that. To giving into our own personal silence and mindfully trying to find direction in what we can hear. Listening is a skill, and it’s one that doesn’t develop on its own.

All my love,



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Try to make your ideas a priority. Write them down as they come to you. Think about how to execute them. It’s a way of nurturing your creativity, and that has a flow-on effect for so many other aspects of your life and your self care.  


Mindfully re-order and prioritise your calendar. It’s terribly easy for things to pile up and leave us feeling as though we don’t have any option other than to be and to feel overwhelmed. Sift through it. Say no to a few things. Own your week ahead.


If you can, try to get some sunlight today. It’s important for so many reasons, but I’m going to give you just one. You deserve to feel the warmth of the world around you, and to recognise your place in that warmth. 

For Your Spellbook Journal


Write about one thing you want to be better at. Communicating? Writing? Crochet? Cooking? Managing your anger and sadness? Write about it, and write about the person you will one day become when you get there.