#243 / Talk about it.

Tuesday Edition

“There is always room for failure. There is always margin for error.”

grey wooden shack

I think we make too many assumptions about each other. The best way to understand what we want and need, and what other people want and need is to talk about it. To sit down with a cup of tea and a bit of shortbread and have the hard conversations. Our words have weight, but our words are tools - and we can build with them.

I know what it’s like to keep my own needs inside, and ignore them, and pretend that they don’t matter. I’ve become better at discussing them though, and bringing them out into the open. I want people to have a way to reach into my heart and touch the truth of who I am, and the only way that I can think of to do that is to talk.

Talk from my head, and my heart and my soul. Talk about the things that scare me, and inspire me, and raise me up and drag me down. I believe that if we can start to talk about everything a little more, we’ll all draw a little closer…

All my love,



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If you’re like me, you’ve grown a collection of coffee and tea cups scattered all around your home. It’s time to muster the herd and take them all back to the kitchen. It’s a little bit of clutter that’s easy to get under control, and you’ll thank yourself next time you want to brew something hot and comforting!


Think about your source of warmth. Who is it? Where is it? What is it? Make some time to appreciate it and explore it.

Write a simple to-do list, of just three things. Three things that matter to you, for whatever reason. You don’t have to achieve absolutely everything in the world, and you are allowed to let a few things go and breath as they fall away.

For Your Spellbook Journal


For today’s journal, write about the smells you’ve experienced today. That’s a sense that we often forget to mark and recall. But it’s a sense that still matters.