#246 / Let go of your ego

Tuesday Edition

“The only thing more powerful than our tendency to self destruction is the power of our will to survive it.”

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I failed, recently. I failed in a startup that I loved and wanted to succeed in. I failed, and we failed, and it hurt. Of course it did. That’s only natural. But in the face of it, I had a choice. I could choose to let my ego bruise and blister and hold onto that failure until it turned into ugly resentment - or I could choose to let go of my ego and just accept that sometimes s**t doesn’t work out.

Today, when I saw the team had a win, I reached out to them and gave them my best wishes and congratulations, and guess what? It didn’t hurt me one bit. And I got to tell some people who have worked hard that I’m proud of them.

The truth is, our egos hold us back from being our best selves. Our egos sabotage and damage us and drive us down dark paths where there is no satisfaction. Where we just wind up more and more miserable. Don’t let your ego turn failure into catastrophe. Don’t let it push you to treat others in a way that you know ain’t right.

Our egos don’t control us. We’re valid, we’re incredible and we’re worth gold just the way we are.

All my love,



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Instead of setting a bunch of high pressure goals this week - just try setting a few simple intentions. That’s something I’ve started doing, to be kind to my heart, my body and my soul. Intentions carry less weight. Intentions carry more soul.


It’s okay to take some time to recharge. Organise a day or a night off. From the people you love, the work you love, even the life you love. Your phone can’t go forever without being plugged in and left the hell alone for a while. Neither can you. You don’t have to be on all the time.


Think about what’s broken, what’s torn and what can be mended. We’ve all become so entangled in a disposable life, where things - and people - can be discarded whenever we want. But if we just tried, I believe we could do a better job of saving what should be saved. Not everything ought to be thrown away.

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For your journal today, write about what it would take for you to be happy. And don’t forget to examine your answer. Prod it. Poke at it. See what gives?