#247 / Survival is enough.

Saturday edition

“Change is not only inevitable - it’s necessary. Even pure still water becomes stagnant without it.”

I wonder if we put too much pressure on ourselves to always be moving forward. This year in particular, it feels as though we’re struggling through, barely keeping our heads above water, while a voice keeps on whispering, you are not doing enough to grow…

But there’s victory in survival. Simply surviving 2020 is enough hard work and enough of a goal for all of us. Getting through this year - scratched and bruised and surely a little damaged but still in one piece - is a win worth celebrating.

Strength isn’t tested by periods of ease, achievement, joy and light. Those times are wonderful and they ought to be marked and treasured and remembered. But they don’t test us, and they don’t show us who we truly are.

Our strength is tested by the hard times. Our strength is tested by the growing and lengthening shadows that have loomed over us this year. Our strength is tested by the moments when it all becomes too much, and we still keep getting through it and getting on with it.

Be proud that you have survived. Be proud that you are still here.

All my love,



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Take a night off. No social commitments. No housework. No chores and tasks and to-do lists; just order some comfort food and chalk it all up to recharge time. Be alone and let yourself enjoy your comfort zone for once.


When we hold it all in for too long, eruption is unavoidable. When the pressure and pain and sadness and hurt and resentment just keep on building up, destruction will be their only outlet. Please don’t let it get to that point. Let it out now, and try to ease the burden. Talk about it. Share it. Release it.


Looking back on the past can be hard. But it can also be an opportunity to see how much you’ve grown. Take a walk down memory lane with some videos you’ve stored away on your phone or the odd family home movie if you’re lucky enough to have them. Sit down and just be with the person you once were.

For Your Spellbook Journal


For your journal today, write about a smell that brings you joy. For me, it’s the smell of onions and sausages cooking on the BBQ, in the few little moments that my family were one and were happy. What about you?