#249 / Slow down. You have all the time you need.

Saturday Edition

“We’re always so ready to believe the worst. What if we took the time to believe the best?”

white and red round fruit beside white pillar candle on brown wooden table

I have been trying to slow down a little, lately.

Slow down, and enjoy the mornings I get to spend with the people I love. When I was in my early 20’s, everything felt so incredibly urgent. Everything felt so desperately important. Everything had to happen now, right now, in this moment. I think I let myself believe that my only value as a human being was in my work, and in what I produced, in how much s**t I could get done.

There was a ticking clock that only I could hear, telling me that time was running out, that there wasn’t a moment to spare. And I can’t help feeling as though the real waste was every moment I spent chasing that beast called productivity, instead of just enjoying the moments as they passed.

If we slow down, it becomes apparent that we really do have all the time we need. We don’t have to be filling it with work and with emails and with meetings and with Zoom calls. We’re allowed to just stop.

All my love,



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Try and get a fresh start. If you’re working on a project that has you stuck, or your relationship is feeling as though it’s become complex and quagmired, think of today as an entirely fresh start. Discard what’s gone before. Let go of everything you’ve tried. And begin as though you were beginning again.


Work a little less this week. I know - that’s easy for me to say - but you can manage it, if you put some thought into it. We all add more work to our days than we need to. We think that every task is crushingly important, whether it’s emailing a colleague or finishing a piece or washing that last cup. But what if you just left it until tomorrow?

Don’t ever feel ashamed of that decision. It’s yours to make and yours alone.

Whatever you choose to do - do it with your whole self. Don’t allow your mind to be working on a million things at once. Dedicate yourself to finishing that one task, and give yourself to it. There’s a deep and meaningful satisfaction to be found in that, I can promise you.

For Your Spellbook Journal


For your journal today, write about what you want to stop doing. What’s the one habit you want to break? What’s stopped you from breaking it so far?