#250 / What to do when you're overwhelmed.

Tuesday Edition

“You can’t really stop the world from spinning. All you can do is try to fix your place on it and anchor yourself.”

snow covered trees during daytime

Everyone gets overwhelmed. Don’t believe them if they tell you they don’t.

Everyone gets overwhelmed because - damn it all - life is overwhelming. There’s so much to do, so much to see, so much to handle and work through and suffer through, so much joy and sadness and fear and doubt and pure unadulterated happiness.

It’s overwhelming because our hearts and our minds cannot take an infinite amount of stimulation and experience. I don’t believe there ought to be any shame in feeling overwhelmed. It’s about what we do, when we feel it.

I’ve only ever found one thing truly works. Take space and take a deep breath. Just stop what you’re doing, no matter how urgent it seems, and let everything settle. Even if your reaction to this is but I just don’t have the time - make the time.

All my love,



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Appreciate the night. It’s a time of silence and peace and quiet. It’s the margin between our days and all their chaos and drama and stress. Appreciate the night and embrace it. There’s comfort in that darkness.


Don’t be afraid to stop and think. Being alone with your thoughts can be a gift. When we’re not surrounding ourselves with others, when we’re not surrounding ourselves with noise, there’s an opportunity to reach inside and think things through without pressure and without expectation.


Treat yourself to some more exotic fruit. The beautiful thing about it is that there’s more to eat in the world than apples and oranges. Explore a little more. Eat something out of the usual. Remember that being able to do so is a f**king gift.

For Your Spellbook Journal


For your journal today, write about your best friend growing up. Who were they? Do you still know them? What made you so close, and do you still look for those same qualities in the people you meet and love now?