#253 / Repair the damage

Saturday edition

“There is a light that never goes out...” - The Smiths

Apologies aren’t really worth all that much.

Words have power, but words aren’t going to fix anything on their own.

It’s so easy to damage the relationships that surround us. In the way we share or choose not to share. How we maintain and release and express anger or jealousy or frustration. How we give our time, or hoard our time, or harvest the time of others. And it’s not enough to just expect that damage to heal itself.

We have to actively repair it. We have to find ways to rebuild trust, to fix what we’ve broken, and to mend the cracks between us.

Broken things left unfixed will eventually go to rust, or be reclaimed without us.

All my love,



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Try to extend yourself a little. A new class perhaps, a new experience, a new opportunity to learn. Stagnation is a risk and a danger for all of us, no matter what our age, no matter what our lives are like. Stagnation is the enemy. You don’t have to love what you try; what matters is that you try it.


Stay hydrated. Drink water. Drink water because you need it. Drink water because you’ll literally die without it, and because somehow that’s not enough of a reason for us to actively keep on top of our intake. Having easy access to clean drinking water is something we’re lucky to enjoy. Enjoy it.


Commit to non-zero days. A non-zero day is a 24 hour period in which you do anything, at any level, to get moving and be active. Walking to the shops. Walking to get your coffee. Taking the stairs. Whatever it takes, to raise the bar from nothing to something.

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Your affirmation for today: choose joy, over perfection.