#259 / Set your own metrics

Tuesday Edition

“There is no peace, without honesty.” 

The metrics we use to evaluate our lives are…dumb.

I know. That’s not a particularly eloquent way of putting it. But they are! We measure our lives by whether or not we have a college degree, what score we achieved, whether or not we own a house, the size of that house, how many trophies we fill it with, how much money we make, how big the TV is, how big the engagement ring is and the fucking brand of sneakers we wear.

None of those metrics are personal, unique or meaningful to us. None of them truly measure our happiness, or whether our chosen way to spend our time is even worth it.

I think we need to set our own metrics. Our own metrics that let us evaluate the lives we’re living, day by day. I know what mine are; how much time am I able to spend reading? How much time can I spend with my family? How satisfied do I feel by the work I do? How many people am I helping?

These metrics are mine and they align with who I am and what I want.

Everything else is pure gravy.

Your metrics are up to you. Only you get to decide if you’re living a good life.

All my love,




Just look for something beautiful. Pay attention to the world around you, in all its quirks and its weirdness, and try to find some pieces of it that are beautiful. That take your breath away. That are worth stopping to watch, experience or be present in, even if it's just for a few moments. Make a note of what you see. Sometimes it ain't all bad.


Make your bed today. Do it first thing in the morning. Don't leave the house without getting it done. The truth is, your Mum told you to make your bed for a reason. She knew that it was going to make a huge impact on the rest of your day. You're going to feel a little more like you've got your shit together, a little more like you're trying your best. And when you get home tonight, it'll be a comfort, believe me! ✨


Tell somebody they're crushing it. Tell them they're doing a great job and you appreciate it. There's something quite wonderful about the kindness of a sincere compliment. You'll find that when you share your appreciation, you'll feel the warmth of it yourself...