#264 / No, you don't "suck"

“Realizing that our actions, feelings and behaviour are the result of our own images and beliefs gives us the level that psychology has always needed for changing personality.”

- Maxwell Maltz

How many times have you told yourself that you suck? And I'm talking honestly here - looking in the mirror, reflecting on what you've achieved and what you failed to achieve, the shots you made and the ones you missed. 

I'll bet more than once this week alone.

We put ourselves down more than we would like to admit, simply because we have trained ourselves into patterns of negative thought and accompanying negative self talk. But it’s not the truth. It’s a warped and distorted version of it.

Just because you’ve internalised the idea that you suck at your job, your love life, your personal life, your sport, your business - whatever aspect of your life is a key, functional part of your identity - does not make it so.

Negative and unhelpful thought patterns are not unbreakable. You can move past them. The first step? Showing yourself a little more love and care. Asking yourself, if you’d treat or talk to someone you love, the way you talk to yourself.

You are responsible for your own s**t. You are responsible for how you see yourself.

And that is your secret weapon.

All my love,




Start writing a Nectar List this week. It’s rather like a Bucket List, but it’s based on what you’ve already experienced, achieved and completed. It’s a list of everything that you’re proud of. Every stop on the journey that brought you here. Try to set aside 10-15 minutes to make your list!


Leave margin between your activities. Don’t pack your schedule so full, and so tightly that you don’t have an inch of room to move. That’s a sure path to anxiety and panic. If you leave some space, you have a chance to absorb the unknown. That can be a lifesaver.


Think about your reading list for the year. Try to be intentional about the books you’re collecting, and consider what you want to read - and why. Is there a theme to it? Is there a particular joy you’re chasing?