#266 / F**k your values. What do you ~value?

Tuesday Edition

“You are what you do. Not what you say, not what you believe, not how you vote, but what you spend your time on.” - Kevin Kelly

“What are your values” has become a completely meaningless question. Empty and false. Companies deploy it, influencers deploy it, but it doesn’t lead to anything concrete. Most people will come up with the same “values” - honesty, authenticity, accountability, etc - but how often can they show their output?

I have a better question. And it’s far more revealing.

“What, specifically, do you value?”

Do you value your partner? Your Mum? Your community? Your health?

Your decisions should be measured against what you actually value; if you take daily action to reflect and demonstrate that value system, you won’t go wrong.

All my love,




Learn, build or fix something each week. Living ought not to be measured by a series of taps, swipes and clicks. It ought to be measured by the breadth of your experiences, your contributions and your knowledge. Invest in that.


Write by hand. We spend so much of our time on laptops, on phones and on tablets. This week, when you’re presented with a task involving writing, try drafting it by hand first. Yes, even if it’s a text or an email… 


Delete Twitter.
Not entirely. Not with any sense of drama. Simply delete the app from your phone. Make any scroll session an intentional activity, that you engage with at a specific time. Break the pattern.