September 15 - On breaking, and forgiving

“Do you take pride in your hurt?” Samuel asked. “Does it make you seem large and tragic?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, think about it. Maybe you’re playing a part on a great stage with only yourself as audience.”

- John Steinbeck (Via Mike Crittenden)

From time to time, we all break. We all reach a point where our strength can no longer hold. We slip. We fall. And it's in these moments of weakness that we see just how strong an individual can be. It is in these times when they are tested by their own demons, pulled into the darkness and swept up in the insanity which is reality; where you fight back against everything unfair and heartless with what little resolve you still manage.

It's in these moments that we see who we really are and the results will either end with us hung to dry or sent soaring into the skies.

But in either case - it's the forgiveness that truly counts. Forgiving ourselves. Forgiving our falling. Forgiving our own fallibility.

Forgiveness is what makes us human. It's what keeps us from being monsters.

It's what keeps us grounded.

It's what keeps us alive.

It's what saves us from ourselves.

Sometimes, we all break. But it's how you pick yourself up that makes all the difference.

All my love,




Know when enough is enough and try to first recognize your breaking point, and second - find the tools needed to avoid hitting it. Whatever they may be. Whatever it is you need.


There is nothing like putting on your comfy clothes to make you feel better. Don't wear anything that makes you look put together! You are not leaving the house today - this is all about self-care, not external presentation.


Go ahead and make yourself some popcorn, lay down in bed, and just…let go. Throw something on Netflix on your laptop, listen to a podcast, and let yourself slip away. That’s okay. You’re okay.