Tiny Spells | Be in today, not tomorrow.


“If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.” - H. G. Wells

On my weekends, I find it hard to switch off. I find it hard to be in the moment, and enjoy the moment, and live where I need to live. My mind is chasing down to do lists, and tasks, and calendars and meetings...it can be overwhelming. It’s more challenging than ever to pause. To let it go.

And here’s the thing. Stressing about all of it today - when I can’t do anything about it, when I can’t affect or change it - doesn’t help anything tomorrow. It doesn’t reduce the pressure, it simply deprives me of having a day to recover and be in the margins.

My own intention today, is to simply be in today. Leave tomorrow to its own devices. Give up control of the things haven’t happened yet, and own today the things that belong in today.

All my love,




Non-complimentary behaviour happens when you refuse to respond in kind. It’s when you answer cruelty with love, and hurt with forgiveness. It’s the only solution to the darkness in the world; by answering it with light, at every opportunity.


Try to acknowledge that every single day of your life is as unique and different and completely singular as a snowflake. You may do similar things. Your task lists might not change all that much. But each day is one of a kind. Accept that.


Whatever has been frayed, torn or worn down can be mended.

Yes, that includes you.

If you need space to do that work, take your space.
Take whatever you need.