What’s next for Tiny Spells...

Yesterday, I asked a question that I’ve been struggling with a lot - whether to keep Tiny Spells in its daily format, or change it to a twice weekly email. I have had some truly wonderful feedback from so many of you, with insights and input that I had never considered. My fear has been that the daily email would never be able to maintain the quality that I know each and every one of y’all deserve, that it would be overwhelming for folks already struggling with a deluge of information, and that the high unsubscribe rate of people who weren’t up for that level of content might eventually lead to Tiny Spells being flagged as spam.

But there was a factor that I hadn’t considered. The impact of the daily email on my own mental and physical health. I’ve been sick for a week and a half now with what my GP and I believe to be acute bronchitis - and being unwell has thoroughly exhausted me. In the middle of it, I have continued finding the time and strength to sit down each morning and reach within myself for Tiny Spells, so as not to let any of you down.

But so many of you, in responding to my question about the frequency of the emails, have reminded me that my health and what allows me to keep on making this content, will always matter more. That for me was the decider.

Tiny Spells will be changing to become a a twice weekly newsletter, starting this week. It will go out every Saturday as a weekend edition, and every Tuesday as we get through the week together. I will be taking a moment now to think about how to improve the emails themselves, so that each one can be so much stronger than the daily edition.

Tiny Spells will go on a brief hiatus from today until the weekend while I take a moment to rest and recover, and on Saturday we’ll be back with the first of the new editions.

I truly hope you understand, I hope you ride this with me, and I hope the twice weekly format can continue to give as much as I can give, and reach for as much as you need.

Feel free to email me to say hello or say goodbye at: coven@tinyspells.xyz

Much, much love to you all.

Joan Westenberg